Winkler & Associates, Inc. was founded in the 1980's and is a privately held company. We provide project management, advanced technology, software and network architecture, programming in various languages, database architecture and implementation, e-commerce solutions, structured cabling solutions and implementations, site surveys and evaluations. We also sell and distribute products and services from our strategic partners to help improve your bottom line. Our customers are Fortune 10 companies, small privately held companies, health care companies, oil & gas companies, energy companies, financial services companies, hospitality resorts, and US government agencies world wide.


Mark S. Winkler (President), Mr. Winkler has a proven track record with strong management, communication, leadership, organizational, hardware and software skills. Mr. Winkler has over 30 years of experience in project management, database architecture, software programming, systems engineering, network architecture, and operations managing Fortune 10 Companies, startups, acquisitions and turn-arounds. He has been the VP of Technology of a large publishing company responsible for two data centers and numerous high visibility web sites such as Variety, Wireless Week, Lexis-Nexis, and Forbes charting. Mr. Winkler previously was a partner and Chief Technology Officer of an investment capital company where he directed Internet and information technology operations and developed powerful Search Engine technology and Internet personalization. Mr. Winkler was the Executive Vice-President and Chief Information and Technology Officer of Shopping.com - an Internet E-Commerce retail company with over 2 million products and 1,200 vendors. He was responsible for the design and operations of the corporate infrastructure and Internet operations from its inception. In January 1999, Compaq Computer Corporation purchased Shopping.com for $220 Million primarily for its advanced technological infrastructure as well as its encryption transaction engine, search engine and EDI processing. Mr. Winkler founded and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Winkler & Associates, Inc., a software engineering and infrastructure consulting company which provides services to Fortune 10 Companies including - Warner Brothers, IBM, Xerox, American Express, Los Angeles Times, Jeffries & Company, World Vision, Bank of America, TRW, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Toyota, Kaiser Permanente, Chevron Oil Company, and numerous Internet E-Commerce Companies. Mr. Winkler has held series 6, 63 and 26 securities licenses, has his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and has numerous Certifications.

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